29 June – 7 August 2020

It is estimated that at least 21 million employees in ASEAN will lose their jobs due to the pandemic. With lifestyle, trade and connectivity rapidly transforming and affecting the way we work, how can businesses and non-profits adapt to the new normal?

Join us in the inaugural Social Impact Catalyst Fellowship Programme 2020 to rethink the future of these industries!

The SIC Fellowship Programme aims to connect and cultivate a pipeline of young changemakers (18-35 years old) who are committed to solving social challenges in an innovative and entrepreneurial way.

Fellows participating in the six week online programme can expect to cultivate their capacity to innovate and drive change via:

  • Workshops on social entrepreneurship
  • Mentorship from industry leaders
  • Fireside chats with guests speakers

You should apply if you are: 

  • 18 to 35 years old
  • Passionate about making a difference
  • Interested to learn more about social entrepreneurship
  • Keen to network with like-minded individuals and industry leaders

Recruitment and interviews will be held on a rolling basis until 26 June 2020.


Each fellow will be paired up with a mentor from the industry, with mentorship sessions commencing from week of 13 July.

Programme Outline:

Week 1: Innovation Amidst Pandemic

Monday, 29 June, 7.30pm – 9pm

What is social entrepreneurship?
Kicking off the fellowship is an introduction to the ASEAN social entrepreneurship landscape and where it fits into this pandemic puzzle. 

Week 2: The World We Live In

Monday, 6 July, 7.30pm – 9pm

What has changed? What is changing? What will change next?
This session covers an introduction to how COVID-19 has impacted economies, societies and lifestyles.

Week 3: Starting from the Core

Monday, 13 July, 7.30pm – 9pm

What drives the most impact and value?
This week moves into more specific areas of getting started on impact projects such as design thinking. 

Week 4: Building Blocks

Monday, 20 July, 7.30pm – 9pm

What is viable and what isn’t?
Get exposure to and experience first-hand the key building blocks of business models.

Week 5: Measure What Matters

Monday, 27 July, 7.30pm – 9pm

What does success look like?
Learn to set, track and evaluate key performance indicators (KPIs) in order to set up for success.

Week 6: Deliver with Purpose

Friday, 7 August, 7.30pm – 9.45pm

The fellowship wraps up with a roundtable discussion and elevator pitches delivered by participants. 

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